Microsoft Surface

5 Sep 2014

Microsoft Surface is an interactive table top that can do everything a network computer can do plus more without using a keyboard or a mouse. There are four key features: direct interaction, multi-touch ability, multi-user ability, and object recognition. Direct interaction allows you to touch or grab digital information with your hands and use natural gestures to open, grasp, and command virtual objects, pages and images. The multi-touch feature enables the Surface to recognize many points of contact simultaneously so you can enlarge an image by touching the opposite corners and dragging them outwards. Along with the multi-touch feature, the shape and design of the Surface allows for multi-users at once, therefore, the user sitting across from you can be doing something completely different or independent of you. The last key feature, object recognition, enables the system to identify physical objects just by setting them on the Surface and to respond by displaying the appropriate software related to that item.


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