A Complete
Software for Your
Camera Gear
Rental Business

  • No Monthly Subscription, One-Time Sale
  • Increase Your Rental Productivity
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Any Device Anytime Anywhere
  • Mobile App UI
  • Cloud Based

Product Features

Cam Rental is a cloud based camera gear rental business software that is feature rich, easy to use, highly customizable and flexible to your needs.

Rental Bookings

Cam Rental make sure a smooth rental booking without any rescheduling or availability conflicts.

Maximum Assets

Complete control over your rental assets by maximising utilisation and minimising costs.

Easy Customer

Customer capture and lookup make it easy to locate the information you are looking for quickly.

Dashboard Data

We offer a powerful dashboard to save time, gain control of your processes and performance, and avoid data overload.

Flexible Rental
Price Settings

You have full control over pricing settings based on different time durations.

Fully Secured
Cloud Storage

Access your system from anywhere and on any device with additional layers of security within your budget.

All-in-one Dashboard

  • Upcoming Pickups on the Current Date and Time
  • Upcoming Drop-offs on the Current Date and Time
  • Monitor Business Progress at All Times
  • Daily Occurrences of the Rental Business
  • Monthly Bookings, Amount at a glance
  • Recently Added Customers and Products

Asset Booking

  • Availability Based Booking
  • Easy Bookings and Reservations
  • Order Tracking
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Damaged Item Management
  • Late Fee Management

Reports & Analytics

  • Revenue Tracking by Products
  • Revenue Tracking by Customers
  • Customized Reports between Dates
  • Export Excel, PDF, CSV and more
  • Staff Performance Reports
  • Top and Weak Product Performance

Asset Management

  • Category wise management
  • Sort by Code, Name and Category
  • Option for Edit, Delete and Hold Products
  • Manage Repairs, Losses, and Inspections
  • Low Stock Alert
  • Product Availability Screener

Booking Calendar

  • Advanced Booking Calendar
  • Differentiate Bookings in the Same Day
  • Bookings Detailed Pop Up
  • Monthly View of Booked Products


Simple pricing. Easy setup.

No Subscription, One-Time Sale
  • Unlimited Admin Accounts
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories

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